Monday, August 1, 2011

Not So Abnormal

We went to the Y last night with invited friends and had a blast. We stayed until almost 8pm and changed into pajamas like always so that we can come home, have a snack and go to bed. As we were coming out of the family locker room, there was a man coming around the corner that looked at us, crinkled his forehead and just stared. We stopped at the rock climbing wall, sat and waited for our friends. He cam back around the hall and asked me, "Are you babysitting?" I told him, "No, these are my children." He just stood, mouth opened and looked at each child. we go~

Man: Really?
Me: Yes, these are my children.
Man: How? Adoption?
Me: Yes! Isn't it wonderful. I saw the look on your face in the were wondering.
Man: Yeah, like what is that big black woman doing with all of those white kids
Me: (not sure whether to laugh at his honesty or to take my earrings off and kick his....well never mind) Yes, I have adopted my children.
Man: How many did you have before you adopted these?
Me: (I now know I am talking to someone who is just a couple sandwiches short of a picnic) I have 6 children altogether.
Man: Are they attached to you? You know you could've just had some kids even though there is no guarantee they will be attached you. I just think it's abnormal for you to have them.
Me: Are you saying we are abnormal?
Man: Yes! I think it's abnormal.
Me: We are not abnormal! That word sounds quite negative.
Man: You are abnormal. We could take a survey.
Me: (Major eye roll) Well, We are not abnormal!
Man: (Mumbles as he walks away) Yeah ya are....

Jordan is stunned and angry calling the man rude and racist. Yup... that about describes it. My friend came out of the locker room, we recounted the conversation and she was ready to find him to...ummm... well probably not to encourage him LOL!

I don't mind teachable moments, but man oh man...


Mike and Christie said...

The NERVE of some idiots! (sorry) But there is just no other word! HOW DARE HE!
Give your kids a hug from the abnormal woman from Texas. :)

Annie said...

Yipes. Curiosity is one thing, but he crossed a lne there! Are you sure he understood the negtive connotations of "abnormal"? Well, I hope not!

Fatcat said...

It's more like supra-normal or better than average if you know what I mean.

I kind of wish you had taken your earrings off and whooped him, but then, he'd still be an idiot and you might lose an earring and he's not worth that ...

Life Adapted said...

I'm surprised at this man's nerve. I guess the abnormal part for him was the unconditional love you have for your family, regardless of the color of their skin. I'm not even mad at him because I feel sorry for him. He's limiting the amount of love he can have. I'm sorry for the offense that was to your family.

Be blessed dear one.