Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking for Chickenpox?

I am a member of a local homeschool group. One of the services it provides is an online classified ad that you can list stuff freely as well as let people know you are looking for a certain something. I was reading yesterday's post and there was one that said:

Looking for Chickenpox!
"My my kids are young and I'd rather they catch it than have the more risky vaccine"
Please contact....

Maybe it's just me, but I got the biggest smile out of that. I mean how helpful can you be than to share the varicella-zoster virus with your fellow homeschooler. ~Smile~

Ok...maybe it's just me that found this cute and funny


Lisa said...

It's too funny that you mentioned this. My cousin did this with her twins when they were very young. She took them everywhere trying to "encourage" their bodies to catch it. It never did happen. :)

I almost had a big ole ugly cry when I saw that you almost had the ugly cry. Hugs!

Annie said...

I remember my mom doing this. I never did have chickenpox, least not so anyone would notice. My Lydia had such a light case as a baby I could hardly tell - one "pox". Yet, at the same time her five year old brother was as sick as he's ever been in his life with it. The one time he ever threw up!

I think doctors don't actually recommend this any more.

Life Adapted said...

I thought this was funny and cute, too. Everyone has their own story to tell about chicken pox, sometimes it strikes very hard and sometimes not. I think I like recipe exchanges more than I like virus exchanges : )

Be blessed.