Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Good Kind Of Tired

We had a busy day. We did get to sleep in this morning which was a nice treat. Then we worked the food bank. It was pretty quiet when we got there with no orders. One of the coordinators went to check the fax machine which is how we receive our orders and found it to have a paper jam. Once the jam was fixed, 17 orders rolled off of it all at once and it got crazy. People were coming in 3 and 4 at a time. The stocked shelves were bare and as fast as the boys were stocking them and at one point one of the workers said we had run out of boxes. Kindergarten got a chance to do 2 new jobs that he had never done before; Salt the walkway and parking lot and then help customers take their food to their cars. He was ginning so hard, everyone made comments. The kids filled and packed orders for 2 1/2 hours straight! We broke for lunch later than usual and they were so tired they kinda sat at the table and stared into space as they ate.

Later we went to the RV show and then to observe a class on horse and livestock judging. There were about 6 little cattle that were in the arena. At the end of the class when the guys went to load them into the trailer, the 4 oldest jumped right in. There was a really young calf that decided that he was not getting into that truck and gave the staff quite a run. Of course while they were trying to encourage him to get in the truck, 2 other curious ones came out and then the last one decided not to be the only one on the trailer and came out to. It was quite entertaining and a crowd started to gather. When all the cattle were finally loaded into the trailer, the crowd erupted in applause.

We came home and fixed a fancy dinner of rib roast, rice and salad and by 6:30pm, one of the kids was trying to get ready for bed. They are playing Candy Land peacefully right now. We are tired, but it is a good kind of tired.


Lisa said...

Thank you for reminding me about the livestock shows. I really need to get J to some in the future. I grew up on a farm and took it for granted. It'd also be a great thing for her to do with Papa since he's a gentleman farmer now. :)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Sounds like a really, really nice day.

I'm jealous your kids will play a game together!

Miss Kim said...

So glad you are all tired. Stay warm have a blessed weekend.
Love you and so glad you have a blog so I can find out your business!

MOM #1 said...

That sounds like an EXCELLENT kind of tired!