Monday, January 31, 2011

Kindergarten Writing and Full February

Kindergarten is writing stories now in Language Arts.
"play" LOL!

He is reading well and seems to be strong in math. He still cannot get the concept of how days and weeks repeat and so we have our every Monday morning "I can't figure out what day it is" conversation. He can count ordinal numbers pretty consistantly with difficulty transitioning from 20th, 30th, etc...  saying "Twenty-oneth, Thirty-oneth..." instead of "first."  It's kinda funny to me.

7th grade has completed almost all of her units and now has to go back and do corrections and complete some of the essays. She strongly dislikes them and I have allowed her to save them. She is currently reading "The Hiding Place" and seems to really like the story, except the sadness of it being a true story. She is enthralled with Corrie Ten Boom.

3rd grade has started multiplication and he "gets" math in such a weird way it is hard for me to help him sometimes. He works hard in school most of the time and had perfect attendance in January!

We are going to hit the ground running starting tomorrow with Early-On appointments for our 2 year old. I asked for a PT consult as his gait,  he is 29 months old, still seems pretty unstable. Just checking to be sure.  We also have recert. for WIC. Jordan has her girls group thing every other Monday.  Our homeschool group is having the bowling Valentine party again this year. I think we are making our cards unless "The Nana" buys boxed cards. (You know you can't help yourself!) We have food bank and personal needs closet and well child doctor appointments. We are also going to sneek a 4 day weekend get-away in there with a quickie vacation with family friends.



Miss Kim said...

So happy for the update.
How is the closet going? I would like to continue suppoerting this.

Mike and Christie said...

What nice hand writing!

Anonymous said...

you know you are wrong(thats why your mother dresses you funny) LOL Nana says