Saturday, December 18, 2010

Easy Chains and Tough Pinata!

Every years we do the simple, yet surprisingly beloved activity of making paper chains. I am always amazed that they want to do this every year and still like to do them.

We put up our little "Cha*rlie Br*wn" tree and decorated the house. We have yet to decorate the tree; for now there are 3 gingerbread men on there. They smell sooooooo good.

The pinata.

 Let's just say it was not going to give up the candy without a fight. That little paper bag was so difficult to break. I kept putting starter holes in it and they kept whacking it, but it would not break. I finally had to puncture it all around and still ended up having to rip it more to get the rest of the candy out. It was a mad dash to the floor and I had to crack up because after all the candy had been gathered, there were stickers and other small trinkets left on the floor. No rush to claim those. Ha Ha ha! But the candy was clutched tight!

It was a fun, peaceful day. Our church Christmas program is tomorrow and then we have 3 more days of school before a short break.

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