Friday, September 10, 2010

Virtual Refridgerator

Confession: I am a collector and I love the art and work that my kids complete at school, daycare, children's church, etc. This presents a fridge and wall space problem. So I started taking pictures of the kid's art and filing and posting some here. We review the original and say how beautiful it is and then we toss most of it. I still keep some very precious ones, but this system has saved space.

This week in Bible class, Kindergarten made these things:

A dove and booklet about John.

I searched long and hard for a Bible curriculum for kindergarten that would fit our needs and I finally found a great workbook called Bible Stories from A to Z. I like that I can make up to 5 lessons per week if needed (even though we rarely school 5 whole days per week). Here are 2 examples of the pages:

It was kinda funny because I was going to just use some tissue paper to tear into pieces and glue onto the dove, but in looking for my tissue paper found some really old art feathers that were left over from my student teaching days in 1986. They were still soft and in really good shape.

We had a week that was very interrupted, but still productive. Next week we have so many appointments that they barely fit on my dollar store dry erase board. LOL!

Pancake breakfast tomorrow!

Have a great weekend

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Annie said...

Those look like nice activities - thanks for the tip.