Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tagged for Travel

We are packed and ready... I think. When we travel as a family, I often use matching shirts to help keep track of kids. My mom used to do it when we were kids 'cause she just loved the whole matching-family thing. I did not mind so much... my brother hated it. Of course, my mother's choice in fashionable shirts may have contributed to that. LOL! I called my brother to ask him what size matching shirt he wanted for this trip and he assured me that the store probably did not have his size. ROFL!

I also write my kids name, DOB, and my cell number on their hips with permanent marker since none of them have drivers licenses or state ID's. So they are tagged and ready to go.


1 comment:

MOM #1 said...

Great idea. I bet y'all look so cute traveling in a pack like that.

Post photos of the whole matching gang!