Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wrapping Up!!

We are finishing up school so that we can start our late spring break. I wanted to wait a little longer to be sure that we did not have snowy weather while traveling North. Wednesday will be our last day and then we will take 7 - 10 days off. We will be traveling to Canada for a lovely vacation and also do some chilling at the house. I hope to get our motor home uncovered and restocked for the camping season and usually once we get it uncovered and cleaned out, we end up spending a night out there because everybody misses camping.

I have started shopping for next years curriculum. It's like a part time job. LOL!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by the curriculum shopping. LOL! I pray that you have a fun and safe trip. Sounds like it's going to be great! Take pics!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Oh! Have fun!!!! :)

MOM #1 said...

Oh that spring break trip sounds like so much fun. Take photos!