Friday, April 16, 2010

Opening Day of Spring Break

Our 1st day of spring break was GREAT!! The weather was beautiful and we got lots done outside. Big Bertha was uncovered and opened and she started right up. We also opened our pop-up which I call, 'Lil Tag-a-Long.
The boys raked about 2 bags of leaves and we uncovered and took down the picnic table, put the basket ball hoop back up and uncovered way more bikes than I care to mention. BTW, If anyone knows of a program that takes old bikes and repairs them to give to children in need, please let me know.
Our puppy loved running around the yard with ears just a flappin' BBQ dinner ended a great day.


MOM #1 said...

Big Bertha looks like lots of fun. We LOVE RVing. We've only been once before but we are hooked. We want to go again . . but getting together the time and the money . . . well . . . maybe we'll just look at photos of your trip, LOL!

Life Adapted said...

Hi friend, I just got caught up on reading your recent posts. I love hearing about your family. You guys are awesome. Keep blogging.

Be blessed