Sunday, March 28, 2010

Furry Student & Egg Hunt

6th grade loves our new puppy (except for the business end of him that has created a new chore in the backyard. LOL!) and he is such a baby that he will sit with her all day.

On Saturday we went for an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt at 1 of the local churches. It had the potential to be a neat experience, but the lack of fairness left them feeling down. The children were divided into groups by age and were told some Bible stories and given the rules which included; each person could only have 12 eggs, the plastic egg had to be returned, the candy or toy inside was yours to keep. When they let the children go, they did the whole "on your mark, get set, go!" thing from inside the vestibule. The children charged out the door, causing a stampede. A couple of children fell in the doorway, which led to children tripping and tumbling out the door. The more aggressive children snatched and grabbed dozens of eggs, well over 12 and even took eggs from other children. My guys were only able to get 5 eggs, but I kept cheering them on because this is life.

We have a good week planned. Jordan's birthday is this week and I have a surprise for her. She wants a guitar, but I have not been able to find a good deal on e-bay yet. Gotta keep bidding.


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Life Adapted said...

I just got all caught up with you and your family. As always, it is a pleasure to read your blog. We have had similar experiences with Easter Egg hunts, so we just did it in our own yard and invited the whole neighborhood. My kids never ended up with any eggs then either because they all have generous hearts, but at least it was their own choice.

Love the puppy pictures.
Be blessed.