Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Attached Lamb & Eggs

On Sunday our pastor and wife did a tag team lesson describing how the lamb, whose blood would be used over the door during passover, was to be prepared. As part of the object lesson they brought in a basket of stuffed animal lambs, enough for each family to take 1 home. Well 6th grade is a sucker for anything soft, furry and cute and ooohhs and aaahhha were issued as the basket was presented. But! the catch was that each family could only have the lambs for 4 days before having to return them for sacrifice. At first Jordan decided that she was not going to get attached to the lamb and just left it sitting out on the table for 2 days, but yesterday morning when I went in to wake her, loudly singing the "Good Morning To You" song (did I mention loudly ~Smile~) I pulled back the covers and there was the little lamb in the bed with her. I knew she could not hold out. So tonight we take the little lamb back, but here he is in the mean while.

Yesterday, we colored eggs for the first time. They enjoyed it. The girl says she does not want to eat hers for sentimental reasons. Ha! I ate mine this morning. Yum

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Annie said...

I run the Sunday School at our church, so any time you want to pass along ideas like this - please do!

We had "issues" when I was little because we wanted to color eggs but no one liked to eat them. None of those problems now. All the kids love eggs! Though there are a few that are "too pretty".

This year I bought an apparatus that allows you to suck the insides out through a tiny hole. So we'll have scrambled eggs for breakfast, and the eggs we decorate are "forever" (until broken, you know how that goes.)