Monday, February 8, 2010

2nd Grade

Lots of updates for 2nd grade.

Last week's Language Arts self test 1 from unit 5. 100%

The practice spelling test for this unit... 100%
Last weeks math lesson: Learning to make change.

Today's Math self test 5, Unit 4. 100%


MOM #1 said...

Great work!

Life Adapted said...

Hi :)De, just caught up on reading your blog. First, awwwww on the dog thing - wish I could help. Second, great job on the homeschooling. The kids look like they are doing so well. I love all the pictures you post - it makes everything feel so much closer. My daughter and I just got back from Tenn. to visit a college - I can't believe how the time has gone so quickly. I am so grateful for the years of homeschooling, it will give me comfort when she's gone (boo-hoo). Time marches on!

Be blessed!

Miss Kim said...

Whooo who. Great job James. Can't get any better than 100! I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

Yipee! Great job!