Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Usually, Friday is "Y" day, but we went today because the rock wall is open in the mornings on Wednesday... or it is suppose to be. We were disappointed that they could not climb today, but we had a great time in the pool. The water was very warm today and I enjoyed jogging. I even got a chance to sit in the whirlpool for 2 minutes. (I get nauseous in them so can't stay for very long).

Ok... I got a weird e-mail today from the author of the book that I mentioned in Monday's post. It looks like she googled her own name and then on page 5 found my post mentioning her book. She states that she liked the skeleton that was made and said she was glad "that Pre-K enjoyed the book."

Princess Puppy posted today.


Life Adapted said...

How cool is that!!!

Lisa said...

I could use that whirlpool right now so I'm totally envious.

MOM #1 said...

I'm with Lisa. I'm having whirlpool envy, LOL.