Monday, January 25, 2010

Dem Bones

Pre-K is studying bones and skeletons in science class this week. For science this year I am kinda using the Little Otter Science for preschoolers by following the suggested weekly themes and borrowing the suggested books from the library while making up our own worksheets. This week we are reading the book, "Young Genius: Bones" by Kate Lennard and Pre-K really likes the book. Today he cut out a skeleton and used little brads for the head, arms and legs. The skeleton's name is, Woody.

I do joint compressions and massages with Jackson. During this time, I have started naming parts of the skeleton along with the names of body parts that are not mentioned as often such as ankles, wrist, hips and jaw, etc... I am surprised at how well he is learning the names of bones and I find I have to do my homework to keep up with what he can learn. ~Smile_


Lisa said...

That is too cool!

Life Adapted said...

Cute post!! It makes me want to sing "the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone . . . "

MOM #1 said...

Awesome! He needs to give Baby Boy a call. He wants to be an orthopedic surgeon when he grows up (or should I say finishes growing up) and can name every single bone in the body . . . even the little itty bitty ones.

I can't name any of them, LOL.