Friday, January 15, 2010


With thoughts and prayers for the people of Haiti...

We had a pretty good week. This was the last week of our first semester so we did some make-up work and just a little testing.

  • can read and write color words
  • knows 24 high frequency or sight words
  • can spell first and last name
  • still working of recognizing lower case letters

2nd Grade

  • completed unit 4 of Lifepacs
  • learned to count quarters and dollars
  • can add and subtract 3 digit numbers
  • still working on capitalizing

6th Grade

  • did 2 lapbooks this week: one on cats, the other on The Ten Commandments
  • completed a huge project on the countries, mountains, and major rivers of North America
  • moved to the section of Home Economics that teaches house cleaning (not thrilled LOL)
  • still working on changing decimals to fractions

We really like to travel so it always seems like we are planning our next family vacation. For spring break this year we are planning a trip to either London, Ontario or to Niagara Falls. While I am not sure about driving what would be 10 -12 hours to Buffalo, NY, we are leaning towards Niagara Falls.

We have Monday off from school. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Life Adapted said...

We loved Niagara Falls! We don't have passports (I know, shame on us) so we didn't go to the Canadian side - but loved the US side. We stayed 3 days and went onto Watkins Glen for 3 days for some hiking. 3 days was plenty in each place.

Be blessed!