Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip To The Lake

We went to the lake today. I had a list:

sunscreen - check
blankets - check
extra clothes - check
first aid kit - check

It was a perfectly executed loading of the van and unloading once we got there. It was a beautiful time of day and there was joy and excitement... and I would have a visual to share with everyone except....

I forgot my camera!

But we sure had fun!


Life Adapted said...

Ha, ha! I would have loved to see the lake! I loved the pics of the baby and the turkey legs - too cute. Is everyone healthy now? Sorry to read about the ER visits. I know the drill and it never gets easier. . .I'm praying for peace and health for you and those darlin' rotties.

Be ever so blessed.

Anonymous said...

Ok this is too funny! And your Label "Not Homeschool LOL" -- that is so cute! Quite a witty woman you are!

Life Adapted said...

btw, love that a first aid kit is on your check list! My son got his hand stepped on at his baseball game last week and my husband was the only one with a kit. The coach didn't even have one - sheesh - a metal cleat went right into his finger.

No pictures for me right now - the dog ate a piece of my camera - apparently it was an important piece because the camera doesn't work any more. And, no, I'm not checking to see if it comes out the other end. . .

Be ever so blessed.

:)De said...

Chicken! LOL! I go through a kit a year as my boys tend to be scrapes and bruises form head to toe during the summer.

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping that baby,and the turkey leg LOL nana