Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Does She Know?!?

For 11 years I was a crises intervention therapist and carried a beeper/cell phone, 24/7. When I came home 5 years ago, I ceremoniously dismantled my "electric leashes" as I often (sometimes even fondly) called them and planned a cell phone-free life. But my father still wanted to me to have one for emergencies and family contact, so he put me on his plan and he pays for it.


My father likes new gadgets and so every year when the newest, latest comes out, he really likes to have it (leftover feelings of not having stuff as a kid is my thought...but I digress) and I end of getting a matching new toy. This month we got the Blackberry Pearls and let me say, I am not usually too technically challenged, but this thing has so much stuff on it that when the guy finished telling me about all of the gadgets, my only question was, "How do I just make a phone call?" LOL!

When I got home I was just kinda clicking around on it to learn how to use it and my 11 year old comes up and starts explaining how to do this and that and I just looked at her?!?!? How does she know these things? To my knowledge, she has not owned a Blackberry.

Kids... handier than a user manual!

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Yeah, what's with that?!?!

Cute post :)

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