Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Mamma's vacation went well. The children did school on their own for 2 days and the only thing I had to do was give the special holiday spelling test with words like: turkey, stuffing, etc... For craft they made toilet paper roll turkeys. As you can see...some had difficulty standing up. LOL!

Wednesday, November 21st we had Entertaining Angels and the crowd was lined up in the parking lot before we even got there! I had to have people clear the way so the kids and I could even get into the building. We had 50 fresh whole chickens, 100 pounds of potatoes, and hundreds of cans vegetables  We also had over 400 personal need items. Needless to say...we ran out again. It was crazy, busy and so much fun. Next month will be good. I hope to secure some kinda of small gift to give at Christmas. I was thinking about a gift card to the Family Dollar Store. We'll see.

Thanksgiving was GREAT! It was my birthday and the kids let me sleep in and then made me breakfast in bed. I had scrambled eggs with cheese, ham and a blueberry donut  We laid around and watched old "I Love Lucy" reruns. I had a roaring fire in the fire pit and then later we had our traditional Thanksgiving dinner of grilled cheese and french fries.

There were lots of suspicious phone calls and meetings behind closed doors going on. Of course I was being nosy asking a lot of questions, but kept getting looks of confusion. On Friday morning I was sent to the basement for an hour (which by the way is where I wanted to be in the first place, HMPFFF!) There was a barrage of noise and furniture moving upstairs and the not-so-soft pitter patter of little feet. When I was called upstairs, I was told to close my eyes, something was pinned to my shirt and a tiara was placed on my head. I was led into the dining room and opened my eyes to a beautifully decorated room with purple streamers and the biggest cake ever. It was a surprise for sure.

Sunday was Jackson's baptism and it was so sweet. He was excited and had the biggest smile the whole time. The water was deeper than usual and after he was so buoyant that he could not put his feet back down. ~Smile~ He changed into the free white tux and looked so cute. It was beautiful and the whole family was there.

Monday was back to school and I feel like a I need a vacation from this whole last week.

Peace All!


Fatcat said...

Your kiddos are so sweet!

I love that ya'll eat grilled cheese and french fries for Thanksgiving. Although I am really fond of the traditional meal, I applaud people who think outside the box too. :-)

MOM #1 said...

Happy Birthday!

My niece has a birthday very close to Thanksgiving and it actually does fall on Thanksgiving every couple of years . . . we love having Thanksgiving-Birthday celebrations. So much fun!

Your children sound so wonderful and thoughtful and caring . . . it's obvious they love you VERY much. You are so fortunate to have them and they are fortunate to have you as well.

Smooches to all!

Hevel said...

Happy belated birthday! And congratulations to Jackson.

Your kids are awesome! :D

:)De said...

Thanks all! It was a great week. I am truly blessed by my kids.

Christie Minich said...

Happy Birthday De! So wonderful to see Jackson baptized! :)

Aunt Kim said...

So sorry I missed Jacksoms baptizim. I remember James'. What a wonderful blessed time you all have been having. May God continue blessing you. Love you all.