Sunday, November 4, 2012

Swamped & Sometimes Drowning

The last 10 days have been a cray roller coaster of happenings.

One of the positive things is that we had the opportunity to participate in The Race for the Cure Run in our town. It was so fun and encouraging to see so many people there.

9th grade has been ill for many days.

We went to the bounce house with our home school group and the place has changed the rules so that 13 years old and older may no longer bounce. Jordan was so bummed and so were a bunch of other 13 and 14 years old people.

The fall is my favorite season, but raking and bagging leaves is not.

The goal is to have school for 2 more weeks and then to take a fall break.


Fatcat said...

I'm glad you're okay. I was wondering why you weren't blogging.

Hope 9th grade feels better soon. :-)

Isn't a bummer when they get "too big" for things that they don't feel too big for? My 9th grader in particular, just hates that.

Mike and Christie said...

What a bummer about the bounce house!

Hope 9th grade feels better soon.
I too adore FALL. :)

Hope things get better and calmer!

MOM #1 said...

Oh, no! Welcome to The Awkward Years. They need a lot of love during those years.