Friday, July 6, 2012

2 In A Pack

Jackson and Jeanna are 3 months apart so I call them, "My Twinkies" and tell them I get 2 sweet things in a pack. They giggle and will sometimes say, "Come on Twinkie!"

Well, today my girl twinkie turned 8 years old! She had requested a birthday party at McD's (sigh) and I gave her a surprise party there today. I don't usually do big birthday things as I really like small family gatherings, but she is one of those kids that rarely (almost never) ask for anything and I am trying to encourage her to let me know what she needs so... It was still low-key: just my kids and 1 lady from church and her 4 kids. Jack and Jeanna are glad to be the same age together again.

We are still waiting on adoption date information, but our worker did tell Jeanna that she would not have to go back to public school. Jeanna ask everyday when her "Lifep*cs" will be here. She is too excited to have her own materials and is excited to have her own desk and drawers at MHS.

To Jeanna,

Happy Birthday, Kid!


Mike and Christie said...

Oh that is SOOOO exciting!!!!
Can't wait until I read all about the adoption finalization!
Are you having a summer break for long?
We will be starting back up the second week of August. I need to study!

Laura said...

How exciting to be adopting! Oh how I wish I could. That's on my someday list to be sure!! I look forward to reading when it's finalized. Thanks for stopping by!

Annie said...

I am SO relieved that little girl gets to school with everyone else! Thank heaven!

We DO have to get together soon!

Hevel Cohen said...

Happy birthday! And how exciting on the adoption front! I hope it's happening really really soon.

MOM #1 said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so excited about your upcoming adoption. I'm sure your little Twinkie is very excited to be an official, permanent member of MHS. So sweet!