Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Service & Big News

We had Entertaining Angels today and had 10 families. Because of Mother's Day weekend, I had forgotten to mail out reminder cards, so it was good to have people come in who were regulars. We also had 3 new families sign up today. They had all been referred by another family that had been serviced in the past. Nice! Tomorrow they have to work at the local food bank.

Big News!!!

Jordan has completed 8th grade!!!!! I have to grade her final report on John Calvin and then she is done! She has had such a great week and a half and worked very hard through the final stretch. Guess what that means.... I will have a High School student in the house.


Fatcat said...

My baby just finished 8th and now I'll have 2 high schoolers and a college kid.

Tell her congratulations!

Annie said...

Good luck with that. I've always found 9th grade to be the worst. Maybe not if you continue homeschooling, though. For schooled kids, its a nightmare IMO.