Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If Tuesday Becomes Friday Then Wednesday Brings Tears

There is a restaurant that advertises soup, salad and bread sticks that is too expensive for us so we make our own version at home...usually on Friday nights. I had to use up some lettuce so decided to have SS&B last night. Well this must have confused Jeanna cause she woke up this morning all happy that it was Saturday. Oh the tears that fell when she realized that it was only Wednesday and she had to go to PS. Poor thing :(


Miss Kim said...

Awww Poor Jenna, soon she'll be done with PS.
Have a great eventfull weekend.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Be blessed with laughter, smiles, family and love.

Annie said...

Oh, that is SAD! Poor little thing. It is disheartening enough to experience that sort of time-warp....but an unhappy realization, too! So sad!

Hevel said...

Today I thought it was Friday... then realized it was Tuesday. And then all evening I was waiting for Crime Wednesday to begin and it was only... House M.D. reruns.