Friday, April 20, 2012

This Last Week...

was a doozey. Preschool's speech got changed to Monday which really threw us off and I had to go to the bank (which I avoid usually) so we did not have our normal Monday morning start.

Tuesday I got another check in the mail (Ha!) and had to go back to the bank. I also had to get another TB test because my last reading did not get done. We had to shop for Entertaining Angels which was fun because when the kids got to the store, the staff there had free bags waiting for them and was so happy to be a part of the ministry.

Wednesday was a blast! We had 3 new families to sign up for personal needs and they were all referrals from other families so people are telling others. We ran out of most things within the first 15 minutes of being open. We probably could be "bigger" but the space we are working in is pretty small, so it would be hard to service more people right now. Afterward, I took the 3 big kids out for dine in lunch and ended up seeing one of the boys case worker that helped with their adoption.

Thursday I got a chance to escape on my own for almost 2 hours. I went to have my TB test read, got drive-thru breakfast, parked and read for almost an hour, KID FREE!!! I actually don't feel like I don't get "away" from my kids as much as others think I need to "get away". We had another home visit Thursday to finish up our Home study. This one is the longest, most emotional, and somewhat traumatic adoption of them all. Worker visits are triggering all kinds of fear in 2 of my kids every time she comes and that does not include the 2 that are being adopted. One of my older kids admitted that worker visits make them feel like they might get "taken" from our family. Sniff!

Friday night I have 2 extra kids in the house, 1 of which we found out at drop off does not sleep through the night. LOL! Jordan is babysitting him so I gave her a grin and mouthed, "ha ha" wink!

Peace to you all!


Fatcat said...

So you're adopting 2 more? Congratulations! :-)

Miss Kim said...

Peace to you De. Driving around with TP again hope it I miss weds.