Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A First In Her Mind

Today we went to the Mall. I know that does not seem noteworthy, but for Jordan, it was monumental. She felt like she was missing out on an important part of life by not engaging in mall shopping. In fact, she thought that she had never been to a mall before and since she was 3 yrs old the last time she went... I guess that is like never to an almost 14 yr. old.

I am not a mall shopper. Really, I am not a brick and mortar kinda shopper at all. I am an on-line shopping kinda person, but I used to be a major department store customer. It was very calm at the mall and I very much enjoyed people watching while she looked at and touched everything within her reach and declared all things as, "Oh, this is soooooo cute!!!"

This was a strict recon mission and no money was spent in the mall experience. LOL! I like free field trips, but this one may be difficult to repeat in the free mode. Her eyes were spinning and glistening ~Smile~


Miss Kim said...

Well she does have a J O B...just saying......maybe I shouldn't but you know me, I can't keep my mouth shut.


:)De said...


Mike and Christie said...

I am not a shopper either, but I have been known to take the girls. Sarah is the "Oh this is SOOOO CUTE!" kinda girl. My daughter in law Ivy has promised to take her shopping for an entire day, someday. Her delight, my nightmare. LOL

Annie said...

I used to LOVE mall shopping....but that was when there was SOME possibility of buying something. I'm REALLY fortunate that Anastasia can get that same buzz from the St. V de P store!