Thursday, February 23, 2012


I meant to post this yesterday, but Blogger was giving me the blues.

Ten years ago I worked a job in which I was on call 24/7. I only had  2 kids back then and we ate alot of fast food. My favorite was the "King". Everyone in my office ate from the "King" as it was within walking distance from the office. My secretary and I decided that we would give up the "King" for Lent. After 40 days of not eating there, I did notice that I felt much better...expecially in the afternoons. I never ate there again. Today marks 10 years since I have had the "King".

I just came off of a soda fast last month and really had not thought about Lent this year until yesterday. What did you give up?


Fatcat said...

We don't usually do lent, but I'm kind of toying with the idea of doing it this year. To get the thing that would really hurt would be Cheetos. :-)

Miss Kim said...

I am giving up sweets, snaks, white bread, potatoes, etc...I would say white things but that might be not politically correct....Ha ha ha (I crack myself up).
I am going to treat my body, the Holy temple of our Lord, better by exercising every day of Lent.

MOM #1 said...

We don't participate in Lent, but I do want to congratulate you on taking those yucky things out of your diet. No "Kings" or "Clowns" for us. No soda either. Yuck!

Too bad I can't seem to get all the other bad for me things out of my kitchen, LOL, but I'm working on it.

Annie said...

The emphasis in the Catholic Church these days seems to be on adding good things, rather than "giving up", because people's giving up (even things like the King!) didn't lead to SPIRITUAL renewal, necessaily. But, I think that can be underestimated. One year I gave up hot showers, and only took ice cold ones. THAT was surprisingly rich was certainly necessary to offer that up as a gift! And, to focus on God rather intensely!

I gave up sodas the next year and that was just irritating and dreary. It made me cross. Nothing better.

This yaar I guess I'm giving up time. I'm leading a small group discussion on the Scripture readings for the coming week on Thursdays and am leading a couple of sessions on prayer through art. I hope people come, I'm excited about that.

Also, practicing being VERY patient and loving with a particular person.