Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Whose Teeth Are These???"

Fourteen years ago with my oldest was 6 years old and started loosing his teeth, I has so much fun being the tooth fairy. I would help him write notes and the "tooth fairy" would write cute little poems back to him with money, trinkets and candy. In the morning I would pretend to be all upset that the tooth fairy had given him candy saying she just was trying soften his teeth so she could have more of them. He thought had an ally in the tooth fairy.

When Jordan got her 1st loose tooth and we explained the tooth fairy to her a look of horror washed over her face and her eyes filled with tears. "Do I have to let the tooth fairy come into my room?"  "Ummmm, no." I told her and we decided to let her leave her teeth in a zip lock bag taped on the outside of her door. As the years went by and more and more different children came through my door, this became a great way to keep up with all the free-falling teeth. As the older kids got older, the younger children learned that Mommy was the tooth fairy and nowadays, my younger kids prefer to keep their teeth in a special locket or something.

Today I found a zip lock bag with 3 little tiny teeth in it and asked, "Whose teeth are these?" Jordan cracked up that I asked the question as if it was the most normal thing in the world to find a baggie of unclaimed teeth.

Yup... normal everyday happenings.


We think they are my foster daughter's teeth as they are not very old and my 7 year old has only lost 2 teeth so far. She has lost more than 3, but my have put others in a different bag. I may have to have people write names and dates from now on.


Fatcat said...

That's cute! Did you ever find whose they were?

MOM #1 said...

Well, whose teeth WERE they?

Baby Boy always had to put his teeth in a ziploc bag for the Tooth Fairy to find because he slept so wild, the first few teeth went missing, LOL.