Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Grade Dolch

We use a combination of Harcourt High Frequency, Readers Are Leaders and Dolch for learning to read around here. Jackson started on the pre-primer list during Pre-K and took right off with reading. He started the First grade list this year and has mastered it as of today, so I am letting him move on the the 2nd grade list. He is happy to be moving on. We are doing consonant blends in Language Arts and he can name the sound of them all, but struggles when they are not at the beginning of a word. Lots of practice on that this week.

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MOM #1 said...

How exciting!

Mom #2's daughter just told us last week that she's thinking of homeschooling her girls. I'm so exciting I could turn a cartwheel - hold onto your hats! LOL