Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home School Lite

We made it home Sunday, early evening and the kids decided that they missed school enough that they wanted to get back into it. They set up school and got everything ready without me even telling them to. My foster child, Jeanna*, DID NOT WANT to go back to her public school and promised to cry Monday morning. I debated back and forth as to whether to send her or not for the 2 days before Thanksgiving Break and her teacher (who really does not like Jeanna all that much) had suggested that I just keep her home for those 2 days. But school attendance is an issue that I don't want to have problems with, so I sent her on Monday. Luckily the hot lunch for that day was a meal that she liked. It was the only reason she went. Ha Ha!

We are doing just review type work here in Rottie Land. 8th grade did a couple of hours on Monday as well as 1st grade. 4th grade ended up doing a bit more as it is just the nature of his gig. Today is my birthday so we will watch a movie together...my choice even though I will most likely fall asleep and only see the opening and closing credits as usual! LOL!

Our church added a Wednesday morning prayer meeting that I am excited about as I never get to go to the evening one (bedtime conflicts), so we will get to attend that tomorrow morning before Entertaining Angels. We have also decided to give out meals to any families that come for personal needs on Wednesday. We will be giving out a small chicken, a bag of potatoes and a can good. Just a small meal for hard times.

Thursday we look forward to our traditional grilled cheese and french fries Thanksgiving dinner.

To my Sister-girlfriend: You know I love ya! We are making arrangements.

*My foster daughter's blog name


Mike and Christie said...

Happy Birthday De! How sad her teacher doesn't want her to come to school! wow :(
We are not having a traditional Thanksgiving here either. For us it will be Smoked Pulled Pork and BBQ Brisket.
We run the food pantry at our church. It is so fun to give food for those in need. We were able to give a good amount of food to a rather large family with teenagers, along with Turkey and all the trimmings. It is easy when everybody gives... I hope they are truly blessed.
Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

Miss Kim said...

What a beautiful arragement, for a beautiful woman, Happy Birthday De, may God continue his blessings and grace to you. What a great job you do as daughter, sister, teacher, mentor, friend, and especially mother.
It is a privalage to know you. You are a blessing to many.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie said...

Hope you had a happy birthday! Sounds lovely.