Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Supply Overload

I buy school supplies every year. We go through a lot of pencils, paper, glue and especially crayons as my kids love love to color, I don't like broken or worn down crayons and give out new packs as needed. I also buy lots of paper and folders 'cause I just can't pass up a 1 cent sale! So we had a good supply built up for the year.

Well, my church decided to have a "Back to School Bash" and asked members to donate school supplies. We packed a bag with a bit of everything and turned it in last week. We really did not intend to go to the bash as it was really a follow-up for the children that attended VBS. (We did not attend VBS this year) The ladies who did vbs really missed the kids and mentioned it often along with inviting them to the bash, so we decided to go. They had planned for 30 kids... there were 5 and 2 others. So.... we have a whole buncha school supplies. LOL! We got back most of what we donated and more. We plan to donate some of it to our personal needs closet next week.

On a side note, Jordan got a surprise of going out on a special date tonight with dinner and the musical "Annie" at one of the local theaters. I can't wait to hear what she thinks.

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