Sunday, August 7, 2011

Screeech....Changing Lanes Again

We made changes to the start dates to stagger each grade a bit more. Orientation is still on for tomorrow even though our new school shirts won't be here for 2 more weeks. I kinda went shirt shopping crazy because the Mart of Wals had such a great sale on school polos with free to home shipping and then I ordered the new shirts with our school emblem as the other shirts are over 3 years old.

Old school emblem

New school emblem on navy polos

Fourth Grade still starts Monday, August 15th. James is excited.

First Grade will now start Monday, August 22nd. Jackson says he is happy and is very excited to get to his new Lifepacs. My foster daughter will start with him on the same date as Public School does not start until September 6th. She does not state how she feels about going back to school, but if I were to let him start and not her, she would cry and say she wants to come to school too, so I take that as a sign that she likes to be a part of things.

Eighth Grade will start Wednesday, September 7th. Jordan has been offered an invitation to take part in a small class offering group piano lessons, but I am not sure if she will be able to take it as our November vacation would cause he to miss so many classes. She is not looking forward to school, but is kinda excited about her new math curriculum (we are changing to Life of Fred.)

Pre-School. I am back to having a pre-schooler. My foster son will be 3 yrs old next week and he is already learning so much that we have decided to let him join in slowly. When Jackson first came home, I thought it would be good to start him at a preschool level to give him a chance to bond and mature. Jordan basically taught him and has offered to teach this level again. We use the Brightly Beaming Letter of the Week and I think my 3 year old will enjoy many of the activities. Anyway, he will start September 15th.



Mike and Christie said...

That is a broad variety of grades! I remember a long time ago when the boys were home, we had a 7th grader, a 4th grader, a 5th grader that was really K and 3rd grader that was really K... and I was babysitting a 3 year old.
The 3 year old started reading, just because he was participating in all of our lessons.... I'll never forget him reading about a PIG in the McGuffy Readers and laughing about reading about a pig. :)
So cute.

Annie said...

Fully intended to homeschool Anastasia this week through K12, but got a call on Friday that they are FULL and she is so far back on the waiting list that she won't get in. What a catastrophe! I am really stuck now. I don't feel like I have the energy to come up with a curriculum, and know I don't have the money to PAY for on-line school..... It's always something.

Fatcat said...

It sounds like a plan! I like the new shirts.