Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer School

The troop is outside for class today. Notice the dog upside down scratching his back in the grass behind the teeter totter.

Summer school is going well. We do 2 classes together and then they break for their skills. For devotions we are reading Hind's Feet on High Places  (thank Christie for the recommendations) and they really like the story and groan when I come to a stopping place. We are also doing Draw Write Now, Book 1 (thanks Christine for the idea)  which is so funny  because we have had some very interesting farm animals drawn so far.

For individual skills the 1st graders and the 4th grader are doing Summer Skills Daily Activity Workbook and 8th grade is doing Life of Fred - Fractions . She loves it and I think it might be closer to her learning style than what we ususally learn.


Miss Kim said...

Now that's what I call summer school! do they have to report the temperature, barametric pressure, and humidity?

Mike and Christie said...

De, so glad they are enjoying the Devotional... We have gone through it twice! :)
Love your yard!