Monday, May 23, 2011

Year End Celebration & Graduation

Today we had our year end celebration and the pictures turned out so cute. Their eyes sparkled so much and they were proud of their accomplishments. Every year they dress up and I give a very cheesy graduation speech that mimics the speech given at my graduation for my Masters program.

Congratulations go to Jordan for the completion of the 7th grade, "B" Honor Roll and the award for messiest desk.

Congratulation go to James for the completion of 3rd grade, "A" Honor Roll and the award for "I didn't do it!" (James is the kid who will have powdered sugar on his face, hands and shirt, but will act as if he has no clue what a powdered donut is nor has he ever seen one in his life! )

Congratulations go to Jackson for completing Kindergarten and a Reading Achievement award.

Summer school starts June 22. The 3 younger kids will be using summer skill workbooks and Jordan will be using Life of Fred. We all will be writing short stories using character development and setting worksheets from


Fatcat said...

It's cool that you make a ceremony of it! They will always remember that.

J. said...

yeah for being done for now. I love that you celebrate it all so well.

Miss Kim said...

Congratulations to ALL! Teacher too!
What wonderful memories you are building!
I love the mother you are, and the children you are molding!

MOM #1 said...

Congratulations to everyone! I love the photos and the ceremony. You are really making home school super-duper-extra-special for the kiddos. They are never going to forget how spectacular you are.

Can I share that award for messiest desk? Seriously, my desk is my summer project, LOL.

Annie said...

That is SO cool! I love how proudly they all stand, and how nice they all look!