Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mini Vacation in a Big Yellow House

We are leaving in the morning for a long weekend vacation.  So excited as my 6 year old foster daughter was not able to go on our last family vacation and I had promised that she would be going on our next one. She is happy as she has watched me pack suitcases with her clothes in the same suitcase with ours (When she went to respite last time her things were packed in a separate suitcase.) This home sleeps 16 people and has 4 bathrooms!!! Ya'll hear that!!! 4 BATHROOMS!!!  I may never leave a bathroom. (here at home it's me, 5 kids and 1 bathroom)

I have a scavenger hunt planned and a craft. I also have plans to make a pinata if there is not already a sugar overload (Nana?!?!) There may also be some sledding if the temp gets above at least 20 degrees, but that is not looking promising.

Fun, fun!


Corey said...

YAY! There is no one to pick up at NINE O'CLOCK! ;-)

(Have fun! Make one bathroom JUST for you and totally off limits!)


Lisa said...

Hoping you have so much fun!

Thanks also for the kind and supportive email. Truly.

MOM #1 said...

I'd get me a stack of good books and camp out in one of those bathrooms. How luxurious!

Be safe and have fun!

Life Adapted said...

Awwww, that is too sweet reading about the 6 year old watching you pack her clothes. You're a good egg, as my grandmother would say. If you get internet service in one of those bathrooms, you may never come out :)

Be blessed dear one!