Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Impromptu Field Trip

Yesterday I had to drive my mom to a meeting and had planned to just park and read while waiting. As I was driving to look for free parking (we were downtown) we drove by a guy using a backhoe to tear down an old house. The boys went WILD!!! So I circled back and parked directly across from the work site and they had a great time. This guy was very skilled because the house sat very close to a major one-way, 4 lane street and he did not have any cones or lights set up and never dropped a single thing into the road with lots of traffic. As a bonus to us (unbeknownst to the worker) he also tore down the house next to it. The houses were huge and while old, had neat features like beautiful original woodwork, very nice light fixtures and 1 had a very old steel tub. I was very surprised that they had not been stripped of all of that before being torn down. I took great pictures on my cell phone, but it is a new phone and I cannot figure out how to get the picture from the phone to the PC.

(I figured out how to send pics to my e-mail, so here is one.)

Anyway... it turned out to be a nice impromptu field trip that made the time pass easily with out any bickering from the back seat. 7th grade at first found the action to be entertaining, but then she started feeling like the homes could have been fixed up for some homeless person or family. She and my mom really have a heart for the homeless.


MOM #1 said...

Wow, that does sound exciting. I know exactly what would have gone down if Baby Boy and I were there:

He would have been taking photos with his cell phone and sending them to all his friends to show how cool it was.

I would have been crying and calling the city to see why two old homes couldn't have been saved and/or refurbished in some way.

LOL! That's pretty much how it goes around here!

Christine said...

How cool! What kids wouldn't like seeing this? :)