Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tell Me About Your "Junk Drawer"

This is a re-post from here.

I have a "junk drawer" in my kitchen. It is the drawer that holds coupons, birthday candles, extra twisty ties and a host of ketchup, honey, soy/duck sauce and salt packs. I go through this drawer often to clear it of "junk", but the junk just multiplies. I ask my self every time, "Why do we keep this stuff?" but then when the kids ask me what to do with said junk, I without thought tell them to "put it in the junk drawer." Why? My goal for the end of this year is to re-purpose the junk drawer. I will no longer keep packs of ketchup, mustard and duck sauce (that by the way, no one ever uses). I will keep coupons with the grocery list and will put just enough twisty ties in a zip lock bag and get rid of the rest.So, tell me about your "junk drawer".

Yesterday I was looking for the mandolin that goes with my vegetable peeler and looked in the place I avoid and dread...the junk drawer. Imagine my surprise when it was still empty from the last time I cleaned it. I know I had stopped sending condiment packets to it and I guess the kids stopped stuffing things in the drawer and so here we are a year later with a still clean drawer. I still can't find my mandolin, but the not so junky junk drawer was a nice surprise.
We are leaving in 6 days and things are very scattered. Aaaarrrgghh. Trying not to sweat what can't be changed...


Annie said...

Ours is more of a "hardware" drawer. Nails, screws, bolts, but also twist-ties, odd bits of this and that, a packet of seeds that didn't get planted. Most often used tools: screwdriver, hammer, pliars, old table knife. Actually, it is a great drawer. Sometimes I have to pull out something or other that doesn't belong, but generally it is a great resource!

The condiment packets: I close my eyes and toss them...because they somehow disgust me after-the-fact and I know we won't use them.

Miss Kim said...

My "junk drawer" was one of the first things I established when I set my new home. I find a "junk drawer" essential, I tried to find my sisters "junk drawer today, I needed a pen...akkkk she must of read your blog....NO junk drawer. AGGGGG...
As far as the random condiments...put them in the frig egg/cheese cubby, then throw them out when you clean the fridge. :)