Sunday, September 19, 2010

Box Tops and Book Orders

Now that I have a child in PS I am back to collecting box tops, bar codes and sending in Scholastic book orders. I like Scholastic. I have assigned box tops to my 7th grader to cut and save.

We have 6 weeks before we leave for vacation. Looks like we may have to take some school with us, but the crew seems to be fine with that. I am still trying to find another rash guard swim suit for James. He is fair skinned and we have to re-apply sunscreen often and he finally outgrew his last one.

Next week is a calm week for school. No extra appointments so far.

Our school emblem


Annie said...

Somehow it is so cute to see that emblem embroidered. Do you have it on shirts?

:)De said...

I do! We use those shirts when we go out on field trips, especially to museums and the like.

Fatcat said...

Did you try Lands' End for the rash guard. They had a pretty good end of season sale going on.