Friday, August 6, 2010

Letters and Supplies

School orientation letters came in the mail today (o.k. they did not come in the mail as I don't really use real stamps, but stickers instead and just add them to the pile of mail after the real mail is taken from the mailbox! Whew... confession can be wordy! LOL) along with school calendars. We also went to the "Mart of Walls" today to get school supplies. The kids have been corresponding with a missionary from our church and last week they got letters from her (in the real mail with stamps and all) that included $20 each for school supplies. They were so excited! 7th grade bought a very nice 3-ring binder with a guitar motif along with the matching 5 subject notebook, composition book, single subject notebook and folder. We still need loose leaf (waiting for better sale price)but other than that we are done.


MOM #1 said...

Our Office Max has loose leaf filler paper for 10 cents a ream. Last year I bought a couple of dollars worth, so I don't think I'll be needing paper again any time soon!

That was so sweet of the missionaries to send them school supply money. When I was young, I LOVED shopping for school supplies. What fun!

Life Adapted said...

Hey :)De, it is so nice to read and see all your family is doing together this summer! So nice to have a few minutes to read and write a blog. What a fantastic summer you have all had and how great it is that you have is so well documented.


Acceptance with Joy said...

Hi :)De,

That is a very kind offer!! I would love to have your FIAR. May I cover the costs of mailing? I have seen a lot of programs and I just wasn't sure which direction to go so I prayed about it and this just seems like a really good sign!

It's nice to find your blog, too. For some reason I was not able to follow your comment link before and now, HERE it is.Maybe your blog was private before?

Blessings and many thanks!