Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Car Show

This weekend we are at another car show featuring classics and customs. What a treat as some people really do their cars up! Lots of monster trucks, fancy paint jobs and hydraulics. The crowd was great and we had an excellent parking spot to watch the parade. I am using a friends computer, so I can't upload pictures.

The town we are staying in has a real drive-in theatre. I so wish I could let the kids experience it, but there is nothing playing that I would let them see. We did drive by it so they could see what it is like.


Laura said...

What fun! Your story reminded me of the time my mother took my brother and I to a drive in movie when we were very young. I haven't thought of this in years! lol The movie was Top Gun with Tom Cruise and everytime they "kissed" my little brother would cover his head and mutter, "Oh come the lizzard races!" LOL Thanks for stirring up such fond memories! And glad you had fun too!!

Life Adapted said...

Hi :)De, just catching up on your blog. As always, it's a delight to hear what you and your family are up. What a great summer for you all.