Thursday, June 10, 2010


I think we are free and clear now. I can say that I have seen enough of that pink antibiotic to last a lifetime. ~Smile~

The chaos is still a bit high, but not out of control. Just getting two little ones to adjust to a schedule takes time. My kids have been GREAT helpers and I am so pleased with how they have shared our home, their mommy and toys.

The end of school has been delayed by about 3 days, but I am feeling good about our school year. James has been practicing his computer skills so I feel better about our choice to use S.O.S for him next year.



Annie said...

I used SOS with Lydia. The one thing that we didn't like was the math. It was simply too tedious to type in the numbers. But perhaps they have come up with something else by now.

Their science is very cool. But you have to be prepared to do experiments!

Miss Kim said...

Glad your new little ones are healthy, and that all are beginning to adjust.
Congrates to your soon to be 1st grader...his excitement is a results too of his fantastic mother!
God's continued blessings on you and your family!
Love you all
Miss Kim

J. said...

yipee for being done withthe meds and glad to hear that everyone is adjusting well.