Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Weekend

We had a great weekend. I got called to do an emergency respite on Friday night with about a 45 minute warning. It was a child that had been here before for respite. Jordan loved having another girl around and they combed lots of hair, painted lots of nails and glossed lots of lips. LOL! I don't know what time they finally went to sleep on Friday, but I gave a final warning at about 1:15am.

Saturday morning we gathered worms and went fishing at a local park which stocks it's lake. Of course the person that would not touch a worm, was afraid of the geese and scream when the fish flapped caught the most fish; Jordan! She caught 4 little fish, 2 of them with the same worm. They were all too small to keep, so we threw them back, but she was so excited. She really wanted to be able to keep them, but really, altogether they would have amounted to 1 fish stick. LOL! Our guest had never been fishing before and she was very excited and even helped me get the fish off the hook.

Church today and relaxing in the back yard until Jordan got her very first black eye. Eye-yi-yi!


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