Monday, April 26, 2010

We're Back

We are back to school today after a extremely wonderful vacation. I just have to say that I spent last week with the silliest, cheesiest grin on my face as I watched my children experience so many new things. The hotel staffs at both places were phenomenal and the people in Ontario were so kind and polite everywhere we went.
We came back using the Tunnel and the traffic was very heavy, so we craaaalwed through which gave Jordan lots of time to worry about the structure and strength of the tunnel walls. I started singing water-themed songs which did not help any, but gave me a laugh.

Pictures in no particular order:

Our view from the hotel window

The dog's favorite position

Cold pizza; Breakfast of champions. LOL!

Hot sauna rocks

First time in sauna (we stayed for about 30 seconds)

Nana at the pool

Jackson in kiddie pool

Jackson at bat

Jordan at bat

James at bat

As Jackson described: "Dead animals" at the bird sanctuary museum

Canada geese

Pheasants and turkeys

The puppy traveled so well! He enjoyed his regular walks, was afraid of the elevator and slid across the marble floors.

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