Thursday, March 11, 2010

Volunteering and Chewing

Today was our day to work at the food bank at our local church. The children love, love doing it and the ladies that run the food bank were once again impressed with how hard the children worked. Today they stocked shelves, filled orders and helped people take their food out to their car. It started off pretty slow, but then all of a sudden 4 orders came in all at once.

As for our new student, he has takin' a liken' to my slippers, (yes, I have Hom*r Simps*n slippers that someone gave me as a joke thinking I would not wear them. Well I do as they are so comfy and protect my sensitive toes) socks and yesterday I saw a little black fur ball run by with some little boy whitey tighties dragging behind....eeewwww! Ahh puppy hood.