Monday, March 22, 2010

Spell the Word...

Our home school group is getting ready for the annual Spelling Bee and all 3 of our Rotties will participate this year. We have printed off the list of study words and are going to spend the next few weeks bumping up our phonics study. Pre-K is not really ready to spell yet, but there are enough of his sight words on the list to let him at least have the experience. This Mama is very nervous as I am usually very squeamish about photographs as my children who were adopted locally, but we really want to have this new experience.

In History and Geography, 2nd grade has been studying about different cultures and this unit focuses on the Japanese culture. Today he learned about writing the numbers 1 - 10 using a brush and water-colors. He really enjoyed this and 6th grade has asked to learn to do this also. I think I will let 2nd grade teach her.


Miss Kim said...

I was wondering how my Goddog was doing....glad to hear you are taking good care of him.

Annie said...

How fun is that???

What curriculum do you use?