Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday (Saturday) 6th grade had her very first recital with the other students from the studio where she is taking voice lessons. It was wonderful! Before we left, as I was getting everyone dressed we had a small wardrobe malfunction which put us a little behind on time, so as we were walking out the door, there was just a bit of frantic grabbing of last minute items. I reached for what I though was a pack of gum to throw in my pocket:

But what I grabbed was this:

Which I did not find out about until we were sitting in the auditorium waiting for the performance.

Not the way to get fresh minty breath! LOL!

This morning as we were heading out for church, I told the kids to grab money for the offering plate to stick in their pockets/purse. Later, as the plate was being passed around, James pulls this out of his pocket:

He could not understand why he could not spend this Bahamian dollar here in the States.

Just before I wrote this post, the phone rang and I picked up the t.v. remote.... I think we've had too much vacation. ROFL!


MOM #1 said...

ROTFL!!! That's so funny. Y'all have still got Bahamas on the Brain.

I think you may need a vacation from your vacation before you're ready to jump back into the spring of things.

I'm glad the recital went well. Did they sing Christmas songs?

:)De said...


They did a nice mix of theatrical,(lots of stuff from Seussical) worship and Christmas music. It was cool. My face was hurting from cheesin' so hard!

Life Adapted said...


Laura said...

ROTFL!!! That's great! Thank you for being so honest with us. I have had those days before too! I'm glad your daughters recital went well. Welcome back!! LOL

Corey said...

I got the biggest giggle out of the bouillon! I think we might be twins!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ha,that is funny. Especially because last night I brushed my teeth with cortisone cream.