Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Until the Ride Comes To a Complete Stop...

Our time is almost up here and I must say it has been the 2nd best vacation I have had. The kids had a great time and while we did not have as much school as I had planned, they learned so much and met so many new people. We met new families from New York, California and Michigan. This years newest geography lesson was meeting a large family from Dawson Creek, British Columbia. They were a Christian family that has homeschooled in the past and have 6 daughters, some of which love to sing. We have learned about their climate (up to 10 months of winter and snowy weather, Yikes!) and other demographics.

We also rekindled with friends from Scotland, Sheffield, England, Boston, Michigan, and various Providences of Canada.

I have loads of pictures that I will post for documentation sake.



MOM #1 said...

Well plotting all of those interesting locations on a globe sounds like plenty of school for me while within spittin' distance of a beach, LOL.

I'm so glad y'all are having a wonderful time. It sounds marvelous!

10 months of winter? Yikes! No thank you from this true blue Texan, LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Shanti said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes--hope yours was extra special!

Carletta said...

Sounds like a fun time! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Miss Kim said...
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