Friday, September 11, 2009

Out of Magnets

What is your system for keeping school papers? Do you hang papers on the fridge or wall? How many do you keep and if you homeschool, how long do you keep completed work?


Mickey said...

I decorated a shoe box with wrapping paper and cut out letters like ABC and 123 then but my princess name on it- _____ School Box. I'm going to keep everything from her preschool unless the box fills up then I will have to go through it. I going to make one for her little brother too since he bring home things from daycare.

Life Adapted said...

Hi :)De, I always posted artwork on the walls and kept reports, but I tossed worksheets. I kept math and science tests for when the kids went to high school, but nobody (and I mean nobody) was interested in them. We also did a homeschool magazine at the end of each year which included their favorite work - articles, quotes, Bible verses, art work, reports, puzzles etc. That is the best record of their schooling I have.

Be ever so blessed.

:)De said...

That is a very cool idea. I will present the magazine idea to them... I think they will like it too.

thanks & Peace

MOM #1 said...

You don't want to know. I've kept every single scrap of paper that Baby Boy has ever written on. They are neatly organized and labeled and stored in the attic by school year.

Luckily I only have one child, or this could really be a discussion about hoarding, LOL.

Sorry I can't be any help. Maybe I'll learn something from the other comments. ;-)

:)De said...

Mom #1, LOL!! When I had only 1 child I too kept every piece of paper that he wrote, scribbled on or even sneezed on! LOL! So I know!