Friday, September 25, 2009

Tickets & Review

I finally got affordable flights for our trip. Twern't easy.


6th grade took a couple of days off from school...not feeling well, but she dragged herself in today. Her curriculum has alot of essays this year. She loves writing, but has such a hard time with the structure of writing an essay.

2nd grade is working hard and doing lots of independent reading for his lessons.

Pre-K had been doing testing all week. I mentioned before, his biggest struggle is his confidence. We are working very hard on him just trying new skills. During circle time, we have started paying attention to the weather. I have 6 little icons that show sunny, sun with clouds, clouds, rain, snow and clouds with lighting coming from them. It was a bit cloudy this morning and Pre-K was looking out the door to determine the weather. He looked and searched and then yelled out, "There's that sun!"


MOM #1 said...

Hurray for affordable tickets! Also a great review.

Lauren Melillo said...

also got our tickets! Looking forward to swimming and playing with you all again! Bringing a big brother along this time- Lauren, Cara, & Jerry