Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Am Back

I made it back home and I feel great! I had a wonderful time of being alone, finishing thoughts, prayer and rest. I am so very thankful to my parents who gave me this opportunity to get away.

The kids had a great time with Poppy and Nana as evidenced by them having cookies and ice cream for breakfast Sunday morning. My father has a better understanding of our school day and that is always good for those who don't quite get the whole homeschooling thing.

I wanted to share Pre-k's schedule. I laminated it for him and good thing as he refers to it frequently throughout the day.

I scanned the cover of his books and then added the miniature pictures to a windows document, so when the bell rings he knows which book to grab next. I keep a plastic tub with all of the puzzles, manipulative's and play d*h in it and I found a great set of Harc*urt pre-readers, tracing cards, and textured alphabet cards on e-bay.


Miss Kim said...

What a wonderful thing...but will you be able to the kiddies to sleep tonight??? I bet they had many treats, ice cream, candy, and such from indulgent't that what grandparents do? I hope that doesn't keep you from taking alittle "me" time in the future.

MOM #1 said...

I'm sure that was very refreshing! I need one of those all alone getaways . . . hmmm . . . where should I go? ;-)