Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Full Week In Review

Last week was our 1st full week and it went well.

Pre-K is enjoying his "big kid desk" and is doing well with his schedule. I did start him with Rosetta Stone Spanish on Friday and he actually did pretty good. He will have to work on mouse control, but I am sure that will come quickly.

2nd grade is having to step up on his reading skills. This year's curriculum requires more reading on his part. The thing is, he has really shown a great proficiency for learning phonics, but his confidence is very shaky.

6th grade has started once again with enthusiasm. She is looking forward to weekly blogging and loves, loves, loves her Home Economics class. So far she has boiled eggs and made french toast completely by herself. I just sat in the classroom planning how many steps it would take me to get to the fire extinguisher. LOL! No... she has had a little more cooking practice this summer, so I am sure she will do well. Next week, she will be making muffins from scratch. BTW... the french toast was good.

We are now planning to extend our annual family vacation from 3 weeks to 4 weeks. The kids are crazy excited. Crunch time in the classroom! LOL!

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