Saturday, July 18, 2009

Planning For Fall

I am entering my 6th year of h'schooling and even with adding 2 more "students" last year (LOL) my system has made planning easy. 6th grade's schedule will change a bit, but that should be small. Last year her math class was at the same time as 1st grade's language art, (difficult subjects for each respectively) so it was a bit frustrating for us all when both needed help.

Due to life-altering events in our family, summer school has not been as successful as I had hoped, but flexibility is one of the perks. The kids were using Summer Bridge Workbooks this year again, but they will not complete them.

This year our family vacation is a 3-weeker, so we will probably start school a week earlier to compensate for the extra week. We usually do partial school while on vacation just so that we don't get too far behind because in November we are already thinking of ending our school year at the end of May. LOL! It looks like a September 1 start date.


6th Grade:

Alpha Omega Publication Switched On Schoolhouse
Rosetta Stone (Foreign Language)
Handwriting Without Tears

2nd Grade:

AOP Lifepac
Rosetta Stone
Handwriting Without Tears


Premium Educational Series (Language Arts & Math)
Spectrum Basic Concepts
Handwriting Without Tears
Lots of puzzles, beads, sewing cards, finger puppets, lapbooks, play doh, music, phonics and more.


Life Adapted said...

:)De, sounds like a great plan, especially the 3-week vacation! Is your oldest going into the public high school? The only school we did on vacation was journaling and art. My kids love a brand-new box of colored pencils, a sketch pad and a journal.

Be blessed.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

We too are gearing up!!! We will probably start next week with partial subjects and ease back into it. Homeschooling 10 under 10 ... I'm going to have to give myself some breaks! lol!

The tents were at Meijer ... I went to a different one (closer to home) and they only had one Cars one (4 princesses though)... so I got that one for you. BUT maybe it would be easier for you to check your nearest Meijer ... they are in the "big toy" section. Let me know if you want this one... or if you're able to find two near you!